Why Miniature Cattle

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The advantages of miniature cattle.

  • Inherited gentleness, very docile cattle.
  • Less acreage needed for miniatures.
  • Minimal equipment needed.
  • Less damage to fences and equipment.
  • Smaller hooves prevent grass damage to pastures.
  • More efficient than large cattle on grass.
  • Better feed converters.
  • Well suited for intensive grazing.
  • Less manure, therefore better for the environment.
  • Highly adaptable to different climates.
  • Minimal calving issues.
  • Short gestation period of 271 days.
  • Lower total maintenance costs per head.
  • Great size for 4-H kids and smaller framed individuals.
  • Healthier and better tasting food production.
  • Perfect butcher size for the standard home freezer.
  • Perfect animal for those who want to maintain a rural lifestyle in a smaller package.
  • Possible property tax incentives for small acreages for raising beef cattle.